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Inter-Canada is an investment and immigration consulting firm headquartered in Montreal. For over 15 years now, we have been providing personalised services adapted to the specific needs and qualifications of all business-class candidates wishing to move to Canada. We guarantee the protection of all information provided to us.

Inter-Canada is headed by Mr. Constant Adiélou, a member of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants. The CSIC is responsible for regulating the activities of immigration consultants who are members, and who provide immigration advice for a fee.

Inter-Canada has linked up with the three biggest Canadian banks to offer the best services in terms of taxation, portfolio analysis, record keeping for security holders, investment management and accounting, as well as a complete outsourcing infrastructure.

If necessary, an Inter-Canada representative will meet with you in your country of residence in order to help you prepare everything you need to ensure that there are no delays in the processing of your file.

Only after Inter-Canada has conducted a preliminary evaluation of your situation in order to determine your chances of gaining a permanent residence status in Canada, will you be required to sign a contract stipulating the rights and obligations of both the Candidate and the Firm.

Once the process is launched, Inter-Canada will represent you and submit your immigration application to Canadian embassies and Quebec Immigration departments around the world.